From Fathers Heart To Yours
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
The Day After
By the time you read this you will have had your festivities, opened your gifts, made your returns and put away most of the hustle and bustle of the occasion. Perhaps you have had a good time. Perhaps you have some memories you want to keep. Or maybe you have some you don’t want. Perhaps you’re disappointed, glad it’s over or even disillusioned with it all. Perhaps you have gained some view of the Christ you will keep forever.
There were some men in a field one night going about business as usual. When a messenger from God suddenly appeared and gave them the good news of the savior’s birth. This was especially important to them because they had waited t-heir whole life for this news. The messenger told them to go and see. (Luke 2:8-20)
I’m sure that a lot of you reading this have had a messenger tell you of the birth of Jesus. Many sermons have been delivered and His name has been sung and mentioned a multitude of times over the last few weeks, especially the past week. Often we turn our ears from hearing. Some because we’ve heard so much, some think it’s just the Christian thing to do, some don’t want to hear, but there are some that have been waiting their whole life to hear this good news that a Savior has come to deliver them from a life of destruction and bondage.
A lot of people don’t want to deal with it, but it is true that depression is at an amazingly high level, suicide attempts and successes are higher during this time of year when people ought to be hearing good news and be glad. We should consider what is the reason for this?
It appears to me it is this. I think the holiday season offers many people a false hope of something great in store, something good is going to happen to them. When they find it isn’t there for them in a present, a tree, a drink, a party, a fix- despair sets in, hopelessness ceases them like a ball and chain and they are drug away to the gallows of death. In many cases this sad story of misery can be changed by doing one simple thing.
The men that heard the good news of the messenger believed what was said. Then they went to see and when they had seen they began to tell the story to others.
We have been sent messengers to tell us. The preachers, the Sunday school teachers, and the youth a leader, the list goes on. We who are saved and in church on a regular basis are not short on those sent to tell us the good news. But these people cannot get to everyone everywhere, but together we can.
What can we do? First believe! If you and I really believe that Jesus Christ is our personal Savior and the only Savior of the world then He is worth telling about.
Second, go and see for ourselves! When Thomas had heard, just as the shepherds, he was determined to see. God’s Word is rich with revelation of Christ that will fill you and I with such overflowing life, that we just have to tell someone about it.
Third, make it your life’s mandate! If we don’t purpose in our hearts and build our lives around it, the message will grow dim and the desire will fade and those we could reach with this good news will not hear.
Do yourself a favor. Next time you see or hear an ambulance, pray, it may be one on the way to the gallows. Next time you read or hear of a premature death, especially one of drugs, suicide or accident, remember that we are to go and tell. You may be someone’s only hope of salvation, life now and that which is to come.
The day after may be too late!
They are waiting!