From Fathers Heart To Yours
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

I went. I washed. I see.

I went. I washed. I see.
            When Jesus began His ministry, it was a very dark time. There was complete government control. They even controlled the religion, appointing who would be high priest ect. There was also much sickness and disease in the world. We can see this in scriptures so easily.
            Now if it was like that when Jesus came the first time, could it be that it will be that way when He comes the second time? It certainly is looking that way! We have today the biggest business in the land, with the most controversy, with the most government control of being that of sickness and disease!
            Though many have questions and concerns about these very important issues, the answer is still found in the same place as it was when Jesus came before.
            When looking upon a blind man who was born blond, there were questions and concerns but Jesus simply said 'God will be glorified in it.' (John 9:1-38)
            "I must work the work of Hi that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work." (v 4). It is not that there is no work to be done nor that there is no one to do it. It is that night is coming so much so that no one will be able to work.
            "I am the light of the world," Jesus said. "Let your light shine." These words are our command.
            In dealing with the bind man Jesus made clay out of His own spit and dirt. He put it in the man's eyes and told him to go to the pool Siloam and wash and when he did, he came back seeing!
            This is quite an unusual way of ministering healing to the man. Yet we find that Jesus never did anything that He didn't see His Father do first. Neither did He say anything that His father did not say. In other words, He was led by and operated in the Holy Ghost at all times same as Jesus did?
            Could it be that we have used many substitutes for the Holy Spirit and thus doing we have not had the right results?
            Could it be that we are not shining at all, but rather are a dim flicker?
            In the Bibl from beginning to en we find that God always works in ways that will boggle the mind of natural man; they look foolish to him. But they bring glory to God!
            This man in whom this miracle was done was questioned by many friends, neighbors, religious people and even his parents were brought forth to try and discredit Jesus and the miracle. But the man retained his good testimony: I went, I washed, I see!
            You see the real power of God will produce real testimonies. There may not even be complete understanding of what has happened. This man didn't even know who Jesus was until he could see him for himself and then he became a worshipper.
            Sometimes the operation of the Holy Ghost will be in a manner we don't completely understand but nonetheless the result proves it is God. His ways are always holy and true but they don't always pacify the natural mindset of people.
            What we need today is a return to the old fashioned yet proven ways of God. The old fashioned Holy Ghost anointing that produces signs, miracles, and wonders!
            This and this alone will produce real testimonies that will hold up under anybody's examination!
            I went--I washed--I see!