From Fathers Heart To Yours
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

God's Mountain

God’s Mountain
In Luke 9 verses 28-36 we find where Jesus took Peter, James and John up to a high mountain apart to pray.
The mountain has always been a place named in scripture where God would call His people to. The mountain has always been viewed as a place where one would get closer to god, even among pagan worshippers.
It was a mountain that God told Abraham to take Isaac to for the sacrifice. This would be the same high place where our Lord Jesus was crucified. Moses was called up in to the mountain to meet with God and receive the oracles of God for His people. Elijah went up into the mountain to battle the forces of Jezebel’s priest.
The high place has always represented spiritual contact.
God called to Moses out of a burning bush on the side of the mountain and that mountain was designated as the place where the Israelites would come to, to worship.
The call of God has always been an invitation not a command. God said to Moses to come up unto me. But Moses had to exercise his will in order to do that. The invitation is still being given but we must exercise our will to go to the high place to meet with God.
There is always a reason for going higher with God. Abraham to sacrifice, Moses to receive the law, Elijah to war and pray, Jesus to pray, Peter, James and John to observe and learn.
Our reason for drawing near to God is more often that not a selfish one. Usually what we can get from God is our chief motivation. However, the scripture tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord first. Psalm 37:4, Is. 58
Jesus never went to be alone with God because He wanted to get something from him, except to hear His voice. Most of us read our Bible and pray out of duty and ritual more than we do expecting to hear God speak to s.
When we really go apart to be alone with God, when our reading is with excited hope in our heart, when our prayer is a real heart felt communion with God, the result will be that we are changed by the experience. The more we are changed by the presence of God the more we will desire to be in it. Our ability to hear the invitation to come up higher and our will to do so will be because of our love for Jesus. A pure motive that will reap eternal dividends.
We will find that as we are changed by the presence of God, revelation will come, the prophetic will come, and the glory will come. There will come from our spirit the unsolicited cry: Lord it is good for me to be here! We will not be looking for excuses to miss the time with God or find reason to cut it short. But rather, it will grow into long continuance and our anticipation of spending this time in the secret place will grow to be the most prominent thing in our lives, our love for Jesus, our first love that we don’t want to ever leave.
Out of all this will come a heart burning desire to build for God’s glory. A witness and a testimony will rise from our hearts that just has to say to everyone we know and see that Jesus Christ loves you, He died for you and your sins and your life will be changed when Jesus lives in your heart.
Do you hear the invitation to come up higher? Then please Go!